Will Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) take our Jobs?

Today, Technology are changing fast as never before. Each Technology update and innovation are making easy everything, and take us one steps further to Automation i.e let computer do our work.

Also new emerging technological revolution will be AI (Artificial Intelligence), expert saying AI is and will change the current concept of Automation to next level.

Automation and AI is taking jobs but other factors are absorbing it so we could not able to bifurcate. Some people says that Automation will take jobs but also create new job opportunity same as previously (in past) Computer started taking jobs due to its easy, fast and efficient etc. but result came good as computer has created new world of opportunity.

Now Question arise that is really this Automation revolution and AI will taking jobs that currently human are employed? because this time & situation is not same as previous where computer also need someone to operate. this time AI, which take decision itself without need anyone even for event which is not program, buy its analytical ability. :robot:

:pushpin: Is this Time also going to repeat past, same as we afraid now but after revolution result come good, or history not going to repeat?
How your Business going affect by Automation and AI?