Tech Startups' Growth & Ethics: Inversely Proportional?

2 news pieces this morning:

Facebook has agreed to pay advertisers $40 million for the inflated video metrics it incorrectly provided, a case that spurred marketers to question the reliability of measurement reports from the social network and led them to demand more safeguards from all digital platforms.

Twitter disclosed that it “unintentionally” used some email addresses and phone numbers for advertising even though the information was provided for account security.

And then, there is WeWork!

In India, we have seen many such examples (Truecaller, recently).

Is high growth-ethical-company a utopian ask?
All these high-growth companies have access to great talent and some of the best minds in the world. And what are these minds creating?

What’s missing? What can one do to ensure next set of great companies have some sense of ethics in their DNA?