Officially speaking, I am off podcasts..and here is why

For the last 1 year, I have been a regular listener of podcasts, but lately I have realised that my consumption of podcasts has gone down drastically.

Here are some observations:

  1. Lack of signals - Because 1 podcast was good, doesn’t mean that I should end up subscribing to the podcast. For e.g. after Joe’s interview with Naval, I haven’t really found anything very meaningful in Joe’s podcasts (primarily I don’t relate to rest of his guests).

That is, Finding a gem in the sea of podcasts is very very difficult. There are no metrics one can use to
gauge the value (no podcast platform exposes traffic metrics).

Given that everybody is now into podcasting - the signal vs. noise ratio is difficult to decipher and lack of data makes it a pain to go through so much of random content.

And mind you, value of a podcast is hidden so deeply in the content that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to waste 30-40 minutes to get there.

  1. Most podcasts are better off as blogposts - esp the ones with tactical advice on marketing / product / sales.

  2. Too much of hero worship - esp with the ones who interview a celebrity guest typically founders. Except for Masters of scale, which was wayyyy more than a podcast (it was a very well produced series), nobody is doing a great job.

Videos are better than podcasts when it comes to such consumption. Text is better than podcasts when it comes to long-form consumption (at least for me).

  1. My travel time is lesser than earlier. I have resorted to zoom/phone calls over physical meetings- that could also be driving my decreased consumption of podcasts.

Overall, I guess what is missing in the podcasting ecosystem is lack of curation, lack of filters/ratings and importantly, discovery mechanism.

Is it worth solving? Yes.
Will it bring money? No. Not right now.

Podcast discovery is a feature, and not a product yet.