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Welcome to NextBigWhat’s Product and Growth community!

Please go ahead and introduce yourself - specifically name/company name/your short bio/location.

And if possible, one topic fellow community members can ask you any question on!

The NextBigWhat community brings together global professionals who are responsible to build, grow a business - i.e. engineering, product, marketing and founding/leadership teams. They all participate here to learn, network and find opportunities of mutual interest.

  • Who is it for? Founders, Growth/Marketing teams, product teams and Geeks.
  • What can they find here? Perspectives and growth from global product leaders
  • Why should they come here? To learn, network and engage with global product and growth leaders.

We have tried several other formats earlier - right from Slack to a socionet and are now driven by the a belief that conversations and focus need to go together.

We are shifting the focus to growth related conversations and all we do will be governed by that (which means product management is an important part, but not just the only part of this community).

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Just incase you decide to give early bird prizes.

Started ( AskLaila, Zimplify, BhooleBisreGeet, TheSongPedia, Check4Spam, ZopNow, Potluck Restaurant ), Producer #WhatTheGoat , SEO and Digital Marketing Maverick, Mentor, Foodie, Poet, TEDx Speaker, PJ Artist and trying to build few AI companies

Topics I can try to answer - Tech, marketing, food, music, SEO


I can only imagine what your CV might look like :slight_smile:

About me:
Abhishek Uniyal (22), Co-founder of FnPlus
Hello World! I’m Abhishek, a lifelong learner with the goal to improve the things I make and do. I have been passionate about technology and computers from an early age and I hope to make a positive impact in the world with it. I inspire to build products at the intersection of science, art, and philosophy.

I recently graduated with a B.Tech degree and this is my first venture. I joined this community so I can learn from others and apply them to my company.

About FnPlus:
We are an AI-powered, community-driven learning experience platform for individuals and businesses which helps them to learn in-demand technical with applied 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. We also help businesses for the selection, hiring, engagement, and evaluation of employees thereby, creating a productivity-friendly learning culture.

In short, we’re an L&D-as-a-service company. The team is based out of Bangalore, India.


I’m a Business and Career Transition Coach.

I help working professionals create work that makes them happy. Be it transitioning from a corporate job to starting their own business or creating happiness within their existing business or job.

I’m passionate about personal development and self growth. I’m an avid reader. Love writing too. Do look up my blog on my website ( I enjoy conducting workshops on topics ranging from discovering your dream business, money breakthroughs, creating vision boards and time management.

I’ve enjoyed being on stage performing IMPROV and stand up comedy.

Look forward to engaging with the Next Big What community.


I am Santosh Shukla. I am the co-founder & CEO of f1Studioz - Leading Enterprise UX Company. Prior to starting f1Studioz, I was the first Product Manager in India for 2 of the leading US based startups. :innocent:

Talk to me about growing Engagement and Conversion, through User Experience. Also, Product Management and Entrepreneurship. :hugs:

At f1Studioz, we have helped some of the leading startups go from 0 to 1 with our UX - Darwinbox, Fyle etc and have been partners in x to 10x journey of Capillary, ICICI Bank, HDFC Life etc. :rocket:


Hello All,

I am Nidhi, content marketing associate with Mantra Labs - an AI-first product and solution firm for insurance and consumer internet.
(Sounds typical, but that’s how my hands type involuntarily :sweat_smile:)

Looking forward to some great conversations along marketing and digital in this community!

My Name is Ashoksinh Gohil, from small town name MITLI, Gujarat :india:

I’m a Blogger, and the founder of HindiBlogging and I’m from the field of Finance & Accounting (CA Final), but I love to creating websites and writing blogs. At the same time I have a very deep inclination in the spiritual field, in the spiritual field I like studying Vedas and Darshan (philosophy). :sparkles:

I encourage people to engage, learn and be employed for blogging, whether they are blogging for money or interest. **HindiBlogging** The purpose of this website is to provide guidance related to WordPress blogging in Hindi. This website is made for those who are bloggers, who want to create a website and write a blog.

Along with this, I’m founder of at this website, I writes guidance, information and news update blogs and articles for the student, article and professional person related to Finance & Account field, Chartered Accountant [CA] profession.

:pushpin:In future I want to create a successful startup, hence I inspired myself Through NextBigWhat